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Apple releases
Apple Releases

Apple Releases two new Products.

Apple Releases two new products. Last week Apple brought some new and exciting products to their loyal customers. With a brand new Macbook Air and Ipad pro. Apple doesn’t stop with bringing new products to the market. However, the corona-virus has also impacted the tech-world. Apple didn’t see a reason to quit to bring new products. Allot of customers buy their products online so I understand the reason why apple still brings new products. The American-tech company already letting people known. Apple’s  WWDC 2020 Presentation can only be followed online. Which is a wise decision from the Apple-board? Now let’s dive into the first new product.

Ipad-pro 2020.

Let’s start with the brand new Ipad pro. The first iPad Pro has been released in 2015. That’s almost five years ago. The need for an iPad pro was there. People wanted to have a tablet that has the power of a pro-laptop. Apple realized that idea. And the last update of the iPad Pro was in 2019. What I’m asking myself now is: Was this update really necessary?  Let’s dive into the technical aspects of this new powerhouse. You have two choices when it comes to display-size: 11-inch display and the 12-inch display. Furthermore, Apple uses the Liquid-retina display. thanks to the blue-tone technopoly everything looks sharper, and brighter on this display. 

Lidar sensor Technology. 

Have you ever hear from the Lidar tech? This new technology has been used in several cars. The latest iPad pro will get this lidar sensor. Which makes augment reality possible. Lidar measures the speed of light. By reflected light rays five meters from where you stand. Outside and inside as well. This technology must bring augmented reality to a new level.


The iPad pro-2020 is the first iPad-pro with cursor support. Which means you can connect your trackpad to your iPad-pro. When you connect your trackpad on your iPad you see a cursor on your display right-away. He also adjusts to the tool you need when you working on your iPad. Older iPads receive this support with an update around March 24th.

Does it pain on my wallet if I buy a new iPad?

As everybody knows, the latest iPad pro’s are not cheap at all. If you already own an iPad-pro from previous years. I don’t consider buying the latest version. But if you have the first version and you use this product on a daily basis. I will think about to replace my first one for the latest.

Prizes start at 899,00 for the ” basic-version” and if you want to the luxury version you pay 1119,00. 


MacBook Air 2020.

Apple released a new Macbook air back in 2019 after a couple of years of silence. It’s strange that Apple now released an update on this MacBook air, with a brand new MacBook air 2020. Let’s dive into the specs and see what we can find some reasons to buy this product.

You can now choose between a dual-core Intel i3 or quad-core i5 chip.  Most graphics on the new Macbook air 2020 are faster than the previous version. In terms of speakers this Macbook Air 2020, has made a massive move forward. The speakers are almost similar to the Macbook Pro. With a good magic keyboard, Apple has solved a major problem that was a huge problem with the previous versions.

Storage and Prizes.

The storages start with 256 GB, which is great. Personally I was not a fan of the 128 storage which is way to low for most people. Especially when you always on the go with your MacBook air. You can upgrade to 2TB. Which makes the air more interesting for people who want to replace their older MacBook air. 

The prizes of the Brand new Macbook air start at 1200,00 to 2579,00. 

Apple releases two products, which are interesting products for people who have older Ipad’s pro and Macbook Air’s. For more information check:Apple