Apple Times Flies Event

Apple Times Flies Event. A Recap of this special event..

Apple times Flies Event.

Apple Times flies event.

Now I follow these Apple events for years now since 2011 or something like that, and I get excited every time for this. 

Don’t know about you guys? Where their things you really looked forward to about this event? I was excited about some new stuff that was coming up but this recap wouldn’t include a new iPhone 12? Wich was some of the rumors earlier. I still use an old iPhone 6S plus and I really want to upgrade to 11 Pro max. The current iPhone I have still run the latest iOs14 version ( which I downloaded this week ). The event was only for one hour and times flies were really the right words to describe this event.

So let’s dive into the news things from the Apple Times Flies event.

Apple Watch Series 6


1. Apple Watch Series 6 and SE.

Apple had great success in terms of sales when they brought out there first Apple watches. So with the new series 6 and SE. Apple upgraded there Watch-Series with an upgrade on there Watch series 5 and named it Watch series 6. The Apple Watch Series 6 and SE are looking almost similar to each other. But if you dive a little bit deeper into these two smart-watches you recognize the difference. Let me tell you!

  • Bigger display with finished corners
  • LTPO Oled Retina Display With a bright over 1000 nits.
  • Available in 40MM and 44m Aluminum performance. ( including Nike en sport + Edition ) 
  • Digital crown with sensible feedback
  • The back is made from ceramic Sapphire crystal
  • optical heart sensor from the second generation
  • Warning option by a high and low or irregular heartbeat.
  • SOS – Emergency notification
  • Compass and GPS, always high meter.
  • Bluetooth 5.0, Apple wireless W3-Chip.
  • Water Resistant of 50 meters according to ISO-Norm of 22810: 2010
  • Battery life until 18 hours. Will be delivered without a charger.

For more specs, you can check: Apple’s Website .

Differences between Watch series 6 & Watch series 5.

These exclusive differences I mentioned. Are exactly the ones between Watch series 6 and Watch Serie5. However, the electric heart sensor is also on the Watch Series 5. If you have a Watch series 5 I would make sure to keep it and just think twice before you upgrade to the Six versions.

Watch series 6 or Watch series SE?

The specific features are only available on the Watch series SE.

5 SIP Dual-Processor 

Only support by 802.11b/g/n 2,4 GHz

To make it clear to you, The Watch Series6 is almost similar to the Watch Series SE. But the Watch Series SE doesn’t include the following things as Oxygen saturation sensor and ECG-Functionality. Also, the always-on display, fast charging, U1-Chip, and supports 5G Wifi are not on the Watch Series SE. This watch has also less power, but he performs really well for daily use.

But I recommend thinking before you purchase because you don’t want to live with regrets around your arm.

iPad Air 4

iPad Air Generation 4.

Hello new iPad Air 4, was it time for an upgrade of this iPad Air4? This year iPad celebrates its 10-years anniversary. But Apple redesigned the iPad air. This new iPad Air looks almost similar to the pro-version. Don’t you think? It’s an 11-inch version but doesn’t have Face-ID and other pro-features. 

This new iPad Air has an Edge to Edge 10,9 inch True tone liquid retina-display. But the housing is definitely smaller than the previous iPad air. This means the leave the home button away. Apple solves this problem with a finger scan option for touch-id and On and off button.

Smoothness design with smart innovations.

If you have the iPad pro you noticed that smooth and thin at the same time. This design was the basis for the new iPad Air. This means you can have your hands on the corner edge without opening apps right away. The software controls your actions when you have the iPad on your hands. Because this new iPad Air doesn’t have a home button anymore. You need to control the iPad with a lot of swipes movements, to unluck your iPad or opening Apps. This iPad Air has a 10,9-inch display, with a resolution by 2360 X 1640 pixels. With a pixel density of 264 PPI.

Support touch-ID with on and off home button.

Apple has security and privacy on top of mind. So this new iPad Air uses a fingerprint scanner. If you have seen the previous iPad Airs you could find the home button behind the back. In this new iPad Air Apple uses the face-id option. If you lay the finger on the button he will unlock automatically. Because this new iPad Air doesn’t have a Face rejection. This iPad Air has a traditional 7MP HD- Facetime-Camera. The on and off button has been moved to the side of this device.

This Ipad Air is super fast thanks to A4 Processor.

As usual, the iPad Air is faster than his previous version thanks to the new A4 Processor. This new processor is 40% faster CPU than his previous generation.

One Camera, and no headphone jack, USB-C.

The new iPad Air has a USB-C which makes it easier to connect your DSRL-Camera with your iPad for example. Or your magic-keyboard to type a letter with your iPad. You also can use the latest Apple pencil 2 in combination with your iPad Air.

iPad Air Fourth Generation is available in October 2020.

The new Apple iPad Air will be available in October and a lot of people will be very excited to get their hands on. It will be available in the following colors: Aluminum Green, light-blue, pink, silver, and space grey. The Capacity of the new iPad Air will be available in two editions: 256 GB or 64 GB. 

iPad Air 4 Generation 646 GB: Cellular and Wifi 809,00. ( 629,00 for the wifi version)

iPad Air 4 Generation 256GB: Cellular and Wifi 979,00. ( 839,00 for the Wifi version )

Apple One is the bundle for all the services you take from Apple.

Finally, they got a solution for all your services you take from Apple, I got an iCloud membership, Apple tv plus, and Apple music. So I also have to pay separately for these services with one bill for one service and another bill for the other service.  Why not make it a bundle? The solution is finally here. Let’s dive into the type of bundles they have.

Apple one

As you can see there is for every single person, or family a service available. It all depends on your preferences. It will be rolling out in every country in the coming times. So keep checking their website to see when it’s available in your country. The first month will be free, so you can experience it yourself. After one month you can decide which bundle fits you the best. Based on your needs. Furthermore, there is an option to buy extra storage external if you need more than you have right now.


Apple Fitness Plus

Apple Fitness plus, is it an addition to Apple?

Apple Times flies event brought a surprise to the public. Apple Fitness plus is the latest service Apple offers to the public. But I’m not that excited about this service. Apple is great in making products and some services worked out pretty well, like iCloud for example. This is a paid service that gives you the opportunity to work-out with your Apple watch. It’s based on fitness video’s and you can use it everywhere and anytime from your hotel-room to your living-room. Health is extremely important for Apple and I understand that. But offering a service like this? I’ve got doubts about it. Because why would people pay extra money for work-outs? Even when you know that you probably already have a Gym membership or use other Fitness-apps that are totally free? And probably better than Apple Fitness plus?

Apple keeps us guessing about new iPhones.

Apple lets us guessing about the new iPhones. Last Tuesday Apple only came with new watches, iPads, and services. Personally I’m happy Apple doesn’t bring new phones to the market right now. Because I believe that the iPhone 11 pro still hits records when it comes to sales. So we have to keep waiting for new phones. But I’m excited to use the Apple bundle they announced last Tuesday.

Happy Weekend and we speak to each other next Friday.

Credit/Image :Macworld  




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