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Balenciaga Tee±

Happy Monday Guy’s, I’ve just came home from my first vaccine-shot, and to be honest with you guys. In the first place I didn’t even wanted to get vaccinated, let me tell you why? I’ve been healthy and don’t any issue’s at all when it comes to my health. Furthermore I was a little bit scared because I’ve hear some bad stories from people who where vaccinated.

With all the rumors about several vaccine’s, these rumors weren’t  a great addition to my point of view about vacation in general. But when I received the invite a couple weeks a go. I thought: If I want to leave my house and travel around the world?(  when the world is getting back to normal) I need to take the vaccination for myself and the people around me. Do I sound a little bit hypocritical now?  So Today I received  my first vaccine-shot. I’ve been really curious if I get some side-effects, let’s hope not. Have you already been vaccinated? Let me know!

Now let’s talk about another positive note! Fashion, because I’ve been sick with the fashion. It’s more than just a passion.

Balenciaga t-shirt.

Blue Balenciaga Tee

Blue Balenciaga

Blue Balenciaga Tee, I’ve bought this designer tee vintage a couple years a go. You could see that it fits me very well. I love to wear this colour because it’s boost my skin to the next level. Furthermore I love how comfortable it fits because it’s a oversized Tee. During that Time The French-fashion-House was one of the hottest brands in the fashion-industry.  Demna Gvasalia really took the house to the next level in a period where it was highly needed in my opinion. I combined this blue tee with a black short and some white Jordans. 

This makes it a streetwear look from head to toe, and perfect for the days off during the summer. It’s comfy and fashionable at the same time. I recommend to wear a shoulder bag with it. So you can carry your stuff with it. Besides that it gives your streetwear look that finishing touch, don’t you agree?

Blue Tee

Have you already planned your summer-looks? If you need some advice, you can e-mail me and I’ll answers your questions as soon as possible.

Portraits Blue

Shadows in a Blue Tee

Outfit details:



Sneakers: Jordans

Photography: Koen Stijnen