Balenciaga Tee

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Balenciaga Tee
Balenciaga 2017
Blue Balenciaga
Blue Tee
Blue Tee from the back
Blue Tee
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Shadows in a blue tee

Balenciaga Tee

Balenciaga Tee. Hi Guys, in my previous Blogpost . I was already preparing myself for summer 2020. Which will be totally different from previous summers we have. The covid19 has damaged us in many ways. Although everything seems to go back to this new normal. We still have to be aware of the danger. At least I’m still aware of it. I’m not planning any trips in the coming time and only go outside when it’s necessary. I try to enjoy the home as much as possible with reading, writing, working out, and watching series, films, and soccer. 

But today I’m excited to share my latest outfit with you and to inspire you for the coming summer months. Where we able to enjoy activities outside. Especially when we can travel again if we want. So we need outfits right? I kicked off with a more printed shirt in my previous post. But today I want to share a more streetwear/street style outfit. It’s all about the Balenciaga Tee. Are you ready?

Blue Balenciaga Tee.

I was searching for a more oversized Tee because I’m not always into tight t-shirts. Sometimes I just want to wear something very comfortable. This Blue Tee from the high-end fashion brand:Balenciaga . Has it all guys, it’s oversized and fits very good. I always feel very strong and confident when I’m wearing it. With this great blue color, it fits perfectly with black shorts and some white sneakers. I thought this was the best combination to match this Blue Balenciaga Tee. It has his logo on the back which is specific 2017. Furthermore, it has the logo on the front also. During that time 2017 Balenciaga was making a great comeback as a high-end fashion house. It was on top of the list by most fashionista’s. Also on my shopping list to be honest. So let me tell you more about it.

High-end Fashion.

In previous blogposts and if you following me onInstagram . I talk a lot about sustainable fashion and high-end fashion as well. One of my first purchases was a Dolce & Gabbana belt which I was completely in love with. Think long-term and buy smart is something you can add when you buying high-end fashion. The quality of the clothes is most of the time better than from a budget-brand. I talk from experiences and know all about it. If you buy a high-end fashion clothing-piece you have something for years. So you don’t have to buy a new one every new season. Especially when you buy something that is basic. Most high-end fashion brands have basics in their line and you won’t get any regrets when you buy a basic-item from their line.

Vintage Fashion.

The Blue tee I’m wearing on the pictures is Vintage. I’ve bought it a few years ago and it’s still my favorite summer item that I have in my closet. I try to buy smart and vintage fashion. It’s a great way to dress fashionable and it’s good for your wallet. One of the company’s that is doing this for a long time is:The Real Real. For good prices, you can buy high-end fashion. It’s vintage but still in great condition. But also check the sales-period at high-end retailers in your town or online. 

Photographed by: Koen Stijnen