Casual Monday | Longsleeve Tee Style

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Longsleeve by mango
on the go in a casual look
Red Tee from the back
Red stripes
Casual style

Casual Monday | Longsleeve Tee Style

Happy Monday Guys, In today’s post I want to get a little bit more personal. Since this is a personal blog and also my name is integrated into this website. So How was your weekend? Two weeks ago I downloaded the Nike Training App again since I try the Adidas app and noticed that I was not satisfied with it. I downloaded the Nike training apps again and it was for me time to get back to work. ( not that I was not working out ). 

But I started this year with just running in the woods or on the road and just not really doing work-outs anyways. But after two months of running on a consistent basis. It was time to do something different ( I’ve been missing the gym so much )  So two weeks ago I started working out again with a trainings-schedule. So during the weekends, there are no exceptions. Saturday I started a little bit of yoga. Since I woke up with some really intense muscle strain.

I’ve noticed how yoga-classes can benefit from an intense work-out. That is what I exactly did on the Saturday-morning. Furthermore, I’ve watched a very special movie from the Godfather, a never-published scene’s that is worth your time if you love maffia-movies! Now it’s time to talk about fashion! Let’s do it.

Casual Monday’s.

So I was in a very casual-Monday-mood today. Monday-morning is always that feeling like F*CK the weekend is over right? Or are you really that Monday morning person? I must confess that it really depends on the schedule that I have. Sometimes I can be really excited for a Monday. But let’s get back to the outfit. I was wearing a basic long sleeve from:Mango Man and I’ve purchased two-versions of them lately. One in the red version as you in the pictures. The other one is blue, and I will show it to you soon. These longsleeve Tee styles are perfect basics looks that are never wrong. 

I decided to pair them with good denim from:HM so I expand my casual look further. The denim goes so perfectly with the longsleeve tee that I really can create a casual vibe, simple, but so fashionable at the same time. The white sneakers are the finishing touch on a casual style that lasts forever. The perfect outfit for these early spring days makes you excited for the better spring/weather that is coming up. Especially here in holland. Where we really looking forward to it.

So if you are looking for some basics for this Spring-Season, I can recommend two have at least two pairs of long sleeve tee’s in your closet. They fit perfectly with every jacket you have, no matter it’s a leather jacket, denim jacket, or a suede-jacket. Longsleeve, like I’m wearing, is the perfect addition to it.  


So let me know your thoughts on this look through my social media channels! Love to have a chat about it. Feel free to subscribe to my: Newsletter Want to wish you a great week and we speak to each other next week.

Photographed by: Koen Stijnen