Coffee in Style

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Coffee in Style

As I look at the pictures, I really started to miss the coffee bars. Because this kind of places always excites me. the conversations with people you never spoke to. The noise around and the atmosphere has been missing for a while now. So looking at the pictures that I took with my photographer:Koen Stijnen . Are now good memories that keep me going. 

Coffee Essentials


Coffee moment.

We created these images after a photoshoot. What is better to finish a photoshoot with a good cup of coffee at my favorite coffee bar in town:Coffee Lovers  I was dressed in a more formal look. White shirt and black tie. Sometimes you don’t know how easy it is. Style doesn’t have to be so difficult for yourself. When the day has come that I hit a coffee bar. I switch my mind already to the dress code. I have the preference to dress-up when I go out for a coffee-break or something. Because you never know who you will meet at a coffee bar right?


Coffee in my hands


Where I have my Coffee moments.

Coffee in style is what I love to drink at:Coffee Lovers in Maastricht. Which is the city that I live nearby. It’s a small intimate coffee bar. Where people love to spend hours on their laptops. Having meetings to discuss future plans. Or just have a little chat with their favorite people. Most of the time I use this place for good conversations with coffee, and of course to work on my laptop. Furthermore when I need to get stuff done on my laptop. I choose to sit in front of the window. As you can see in one of the pictures. This spot has a nice view over the square and I if look further. I can see a nice big river. Which is inspiring for me personally. 


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