Five Reasons to wear a Leather jacket during Spring

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Five Reasons to wear a leather jacket during Spring.

Five Reasons to Wear a leather jacket during spring. As the spring is around the corner. It’s time to change our wardrobe from Fall/Winter clothes to more light jackets, other colors, and other materials that are familiar with the spring-season. With my latest newsletter that I’ve sent yesterday I say goodbye to the winter-times, Today I step into this spring-season( excited for that ) where we all can catch some vitamin -D and other things that come around with this season. Are you already prepared for the Spring-season? Let me hear from you. 

Temperatures still asked for jackets.

Look and leather jackets

Here in Holland Temperatures are slowly rising up to Spring-temperatures so this type of weather still asked for a leather jacket. I personally believe that a leather jacket whether it’s black or navy-blue or brown. Are perfect for this time of the year. During the mornings it’s still can be very cold and we often underestimate the temperatures while we outside without a jacket. So temperatures still asked for a leather jacket. I decided to match my leather jacket with a red-hoodie some light denim and some fresh white sneakers. I’ve tried to add some colors to this outfit to get myself into this Spring-Feeling. Honestly, it’s a casual outfit that is perfect for your days off and your weekends. 

A leather jacket goes with almost everything.

Outfit and leather jacket

Don’t know if you agree with me? but no matter it’s a white shirt, or black shirt, and even a denim-shirt. You can easily mix your beloved leather jacket with the few items I mentioned. Not forget about all the sweaters you are wearing during spring, that goes perfectly under a leather jacket as well. No matter what kind of leather jacket you wearing, whether it’s a biker leather jacket or a more solid leather jacket. A leather jacket can be that finishing touch that you are looking for. So when you have the options, don’t forget to use them. Fashion needs to be fun for you.

It makes your outfit complete. 


Are you agree with me? That a leather jacket can make your outfit complete? Of course, it all depends on what are you wearing? but for instance, I used my leather jacket to complete this casual look. As I mentioned earlier in this blogpost if you wear a sweater you can perfectly add your leather jacket to it. So you are good to go Especially when you have days off. This kind of look is the perfect occasion for it. For me personally, I always count on my leather jacket when I’m wearing  white aWhite shirt . Style can be so personal but for me, a leather jacket is a must-have. Don’t you agree with me?

Zipper of the leather jacket

Goes with most of your spring outfits.

Here on my IG:I use my leather jacket in combination with a long sleeve Tee from: Mango. Just to show you that a leather jacket can go easily with a long sleeve Tee no matter what kind of Tee you are exactly wearing. That’s why a leather jacket is seasonal and is a good option for the Spring and the fall as well. I don’t recommend using a leather jacket during summer, because of the heat. For that season we can use other jackets. That I would talk about later this year. First, we need to enjoy our first Springs days right?

It’s convenient wherever you go.

I’ve noticed over the past few years how convenient a leather jacket is exactly. Especially the ones for the Spring! Not the heavy one’s that we used during the Fall/Winter. When Spring Season is there. We want to go outside and have lunch-breaks in the park for example. So we already have a bunch of stuff with us right? So we don’t want to carry heavy jackets with us. So it’s important to choose a jacket that is light and convenient at the same time. You can easily put a light leather jacket in your weekend or backpack and even tote bag. That’s why it’s so convenient. 

Where do I have to buy a leather jacket exactly?

We all made mistakes when it comes to purchases right? Sometimes we look at our wardrobe and think: hmm? not the smartest purchase I ever did. I’ve learned to invest in timeless pieces with quality. Just to make sure you have a piece that lasts for years. This certainly counts for a leather jacket. If you are searching for a leather jacket for the spring season. I recommend buying one with high-quality leather and spend a little bit of money on it. Over the long-term. You will get rewarded for it. Especially because you will probably use it a couple of days in the week. High-end fashion retailers as:Matches-Fashion and Mr Porter are great shopping destinations to find your perfect leather jacket.

With this having said I hope you find some inspiration to find your perfect leather jacket. As earlier said in my post I truly believe that this belongs in every men’s wardrobe. And probably you will find it in every men’s wardrobe. It seems like we have special-relation-ship with it.

Photography by:Koen Stijnen