Five Tips for a better sleep routine

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Sleep Routine Tips

Five Tips for a better sleep routine

Five Tips for a Better Sleep routine. Have you ever think about your sleep habits? 

Now if you don’t have paid attention to this. The time has come. I can guarantee you. That you feel the benefits after a couple of weeks. I must confess that I didn’t pay attention to it before I’ve changed my lifestyle. I remember a week that I didn’t have that 8-hours of rest during the night. It was time to fix this problem and pay attention to it. The benefits I feel now are amazing. So I’ve done my research on the internet and I’ve read some tips that will give me a good night of rest. So let’s get started!

Sleep better.

Why do we need that 8-hours of rest exactly? If you don’t have that 7-8 hours of rest it can make a negative impact on your mind, your need for nutrition and your performance during the day. If you wake-up in the middle of the night, try to sleep in another room or try to listen to some classic music. I’ve also recommend to have a glass of lemon water next to your bed. During your time in bed, you lose a lot of moisture.  

Make your bedroom an oasis of silence.

People who think they can fall-a-sleep right away are not paying attention to it. the first thing you need to do is throw away all your electric devices. Mobile-phone, tablets, laptop and that kind of stuff don’t belong there. Electric devices can have a negative impact on your mind. Your brain and the body thinks: it’s time to get up. Make sure you have a music-player and try to listen to music that makes your mind moody. 

Get a routine for yourself.

Make sure you have a routine for yourself. Every human body is different so listen to your own body. Go to bed around the times you feel the most comfortable and stick to it. With this habit, your body and mind knows exactly when its time to get to bed. 

Less Caffeine and more energy.

I’ve quit with coffee and caffeine after 17:00 o’clock. Caffeine stays in your body for five hours. This doesn’t have a positive impact on your sleep. So try to drink max of 3 cups in a day. I’ll promise you, that you don’t get any regrets.

Read books.

Try to read to books that get you in the moody sleep and make sure you have it always next to your bed. When you wake up in the middle of the night. Use a little bit of light and try to read in your book again. 

If you want to do more research for yourself or any other tips. I recommend to read this book:Why We Sleep