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From Paris With love

From Paris with love. A traditional and typical quote that has been used for years. Travelers and people who visit the famous French capital on a regular basis. Use this quote all the time. I’ve used this quote during  summer 2018 when I was there to attend Paris Fashion week and to discovering Paris for the first time. What a amazing experiences it has been. The architecture was amazing and the food, and streets, I can go on and on. It’s a art city and one of the most beautiful destinations that I ever seen in my life. It’s only 4 hours driving from my home. Exactly weird to say that a city like that is so close to me.

Paris for the first time.

In the beginning of 2018 I decided to attend Paris Fashion week for the first time.  And of course to visit the French capital for the first time. It’s only 4 hours driving from where I live. So it feels like the city is nearby. But unfortunately it took years and years. To visit the French-Capital. It never came-up in my mind directly. When I started to travel. But after a good months of savings I was ready for Paris Fashion week in 2018. I’ve traveled by train from Gare de Liege ( Belgium ) to Gare du Nord Paris by Train, which was only 2,5 hours.

It was a relax train-journey and super comfortable at the same time. By Car or Plane it probably would take me a lot longer to get to the centre of France. I don’t have any regrets about how I prepared my journey to Paris. The train-journey was the perfect way. Especially when you know that traveling can be exhausting.

My AirBnB Experience.

I’v booked a AirBnB for three days in a small tiny room. and the woman who offered her house. Was a very kind lady since I had good contact with her, before I arrived in Paris. I’ve spend two days there, and the last day of my trip in Paris I took a nice convenient hotel-room in the La Marais Area of Paris. Since the room was not my fitting my standards and expectations. So the last day of my trip I sleep-over in a four star hotel for one night. Wich was a blessing after my Air BnB experiences. I must confess that it was my first Air-BNB experiences, and not a good one after all. 

Discovering Paris.

Since my Arrived in Paris I explore the streets of Paris when I didn’t had to attending fashion-shows. So I took every single minute to explore the beauty of this City. With my phone I took some moments or building, that was worth to capture. For example: The Garden near the Famous Eifel Tower. I’ve almost did everything with a uber or by feet. Since walking trough Paris is maybe the best way to discover the city of Love and light. During the second morning I’ve met a lady at a lunch-room that had studied in The Netherlands. She recognized my accent and invited me to here concert, Wich was very nice! So during day-two in the evening I had the time to attending here concert. She was playing with a gitaar instrumental. Together with a few guys in other part of the city Paris. This was a nice way to meet locals and discovering a different part Paris.

Times Flies when you have fun.

Since I’ve only booked a trip for 3 days during Paris Fashion week. I had the feeling that times flies when I was in Paris for those three days. After ending in the Area La Marais , I discovered one of the most prettiest neighborhoods of Paris. Which I recommend to visit when you going to Paris after the global-pandemic is over. Times flies when you having fun, counts the same for the post that I upload today. Can’t wait to share more travel-stores when it’s allowed to do so. Do you miss traveling lately? You probably have your suite-case ready don’t you?

From now we only can dream about it.