Happy Spring Time: Men’s Longsleeve for Spring time

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Happy Spring Time everyone

Happy Spring to everyone today. In my previous Blogpost I’ve already prepared myself for Spring 2021. Which will be a very different Springs than two-years-ago. Here in Holland we still waiting for Spring-Weather, and with a curfew still in our daily lives. We have to wait for these long-spring- days ahead of us. I’m now so sick and tired of being in this ” new ” normal. I truly believe that we never get used to it. But anyways: are you taking the vaccine? Let me know!

When Spring is around the corner, I’ve always felt more energized and looking forward to these long days where we get up earlier from the bed. Being more productive during the days. I don’t know if you recognize it? So I’m very curious what this unusual Spring will bring to us. But Let’s talk about the positive things. That Spring 2021 is having for us. Because there is a lot of fun stuff to do. To make it our lives as much normal as possible.


Blue Stripes outfit

I’ve started my first days of Spring in a casual look. If you have seen one of my previous blogpost or my social media channels. You could see that I’m wearing a long-sleeve striped tee from:Mango and I’ve posted this on my instagram page and people and Mango itself was very happy with it. They responded to my stories. Which gives me a huge boost. Now, this is the blue version and it’s perfect for springtime. You can wear it easily without a jacket or add a jacket to it when the temperatures asked for this. I’ve added my blue denim from:H&M to make it this classic and timeless casual outfit. The white sneakers from:Christian Louboutin are the type of sneakers that last forever. I’ve always have seen this sneaker as something that I could wear year in and year out. As long as I keep them in good condition.

What to do during Spring?

Blue Stripes long sleeve tee

With good weather ahead of us, we have the desire to go outside more than during the winter-times. This is natural to us, right? Now I like to do Running-sessions, longer walks ( meanwhile listening to a podcast ). Working out in my backyard. or a Yoga-class ( which I did this morning before writing this blogpost ). Even go read a book in the park. Are things that I love to do during the spring-time. Or just in your own backyard if you have it. Make it a Spring to remember as well as possible. These are all activities that you can do as well. If you living in a country where restrictions still impacting your life. I just try to keep the possibility open for myself during these challenging times. ( being positive it’s the only option ) No drinks at bars, terraces, or sky-bars with views that are inspiring. I have to let it go for now. It’s better for our minds and keeps us going. There are no better options, right?

What to wear more?

Casual long sleeve Tee

What can you wear more during this Spring 2021? 

Now let’s say that you wear a double-denim look what I was wearing a few weeks ago. When we had our first early little springs days.

Spring 2021 look

Which was a leather jacket in combination with a white shirt some light jeans and my beloved white sneaker. It’s a very simple look that can be fashionable during the Spring or at the End of the summer. When the temperatures going down during the evenings. But I love to wear different colors in my outfit during the spring. Where I mostly during the Fall/Winter times want to wear it more in one line. For example: Brown and black. But the spring invites for light-colors that also give my white-skin a huge boost. Lately, I’ve even started a new color pink:See here on my Instagram Page I now even considering adding this color to my football-shirt collection. 

It’s time to close this blogpost, and heading outside! I want to wish you a great week. Next week I’ll talk a little bit more about the white sneaker. 

Photographed by:Koen Stijnen