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It’s been a couple of weeks That I talked with you guys. I enjoy my summer with some books, tv shows, and some soccer games. Furthermore, I keep being online trough my social-media channels. You can find the links on my website. If you follow me for a while now. You know that Sports play a big role in my life. Especially Soccer & Basketball. These are my two favorite sports. This is where my blog post today is all about. So let’s talk about that.

Miami Heat Nation.

I’ve been a fan of Miami Heat since 2013 when they won their champion chip. Since that 2012/2013 season, I followed the Miami Heat. During that time they had an incredible team with King James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh. These three players were the best players that Miami Heat had in their squad. So from that moment, I enjoy the Heat Nation. I try to support Miami Heat as much as possible. So being able to wear Dwayne Wade’s last jersey’s as an NBA-Player is super cool. So I thought: Why not share it trough pictures with you guys? The Heat Nation is a worldwide nation that supports the team in good and bad times. 

Dwayne Wade.

I choose the Dwayne Wade Jersey because I’ve been a fan of him on and of the court from the moment I saw him on the TV-Screen. So Like I mentioned earlier: Having a Jersey of Him in my NBA-Jersey collection is a blessing. He’s been a very loyal player for the Miami Heat team. Originally from Chicago, he played more than five years for the Miami Heat. This is a very long time and it reflects how much he loved the city and the team he played for. Dwayne Wade retired in 2019 after a very long time being in the NBA. 

Return of the NBA-Season.

Soccer has made a comeback worldwide during the COVID-19. But next week it’s time for the NBA to make their comeback and I’m super excited about that. All the games will be playing in Orlando Florida so it’s a little bit strange. But on the other hand, it’s better for the sport: Basketball and the NBA-Fans who are missing the excitement of the games. Are you ready for an Exciting NBA-Game as well? Let me know on my social media channels. For now, I say: Enjoy your summer and we speak each-other soon.

Miami Heat Jersey Available: NBA Store 

Photographed by: Koen Stijnen