How important is time for yourself?

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How important is time for yourself

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen. In today’s blog post, I would like to invite you to discuss a topic that has been very popular since the COVID-19 made its entrance. Because we spend more time at home. We have more time to work on ourselves, our behavior, our health, and our wealth. So with all these certain things, I’ve questioned myself and maybe you have the answer for me: How important is time for yourself? Can anyone tell me? In this competitive society. Time for yourself doesn’t always have the most positive image. Often we underestimate ourselves and we think we can overcome every-challenge, meanwhile, we forget that there is a mental-limit. Burn-outs can come quicker than you think. But today I want to make clear and get the discussion going how extremely important it is. This doesn’t mean you have to take it every week. But from time to time. Especially when you have a busy schedule. It wouldn’t hurt you if you take more time for yourself. 

Reading At Home

Reading at home.

Time for yourself has been a very personal-thing right? I truly believe that every individual thinks about time for themselves in a different way.  Although often it ends in long-walks, reading books,  yoga classes, or any other activity that fits the topic that I discuss today. I truly believe that reading at home can be one of those good ways to take time for yourself. Get-away from your daily-hectic schedule. Get back to your true self. Where you get relaxed and away from your daily-live and hectic schedule that you have. You get a relaxed mind and only have to focus on the letters that you are reading. You come to rest and get new energy. From a personal perspective, it works for me, does it works for you as well?

Enjoy your time at home

Enjoy your time at home.

It might sound easier than it looks right? We rather go to a restaurant with friends or family. Or discover a new country or culture somewhere on planet earth. Working-out in the gym is what we prefer instead of working out from home. But now we facing lockdowns and forced to stay at home as much as possible. We have the challenge to enjoy our time at home. Make the best out of it and getting too used to this. As long as needed. What I would like to recommend is to make your home as much as enjoyable as you can. Take a piece of paper and write down how you can enjoy your time at home. Maybe you would like to add some new streaming-services on your tv, so you can watch that new documentary you want to see. Discover new interest or hobbies. There a tons of options.

Reading MrPorter

Reading Mr Porter.

It’s by far my favorite magazine to read when I’m at home. Especially for men who want to live their life in a stylish-ways. The interviews with different artists, song-writers, designers, and other creatives. Are inspiring me to the fullest. So I enjoy it when I’m and get updates about grooming, travel destinations, and style tips that can benefit my personal-style. So from time to time, I love to read it. If you are interested in receiving a copy, make sure you be a regular customer at:MrPorter and you will get rewarded with one of their latest copies.

Living Room


Table Set up.

Table set-up.

As we enjoy our time at home. Why not make the best out of it? It’s easier to think about the positive things than the negative right? This table set-up brings me in the right mood to grab my favorite book or magazine, and have a nice evening our afternoon, and enjoy the time at home. It brings me joy and rests in my mind. I can put-away all the measures that I’m facing right now. Can you feel me? The fruits, the candle, the magazine, and the fresh tea. Are all the ingredients to take time for myself. I think a lot of people can relate to that.

Thea and Candle

Thea and Candle.

I don’t know about you guys, but I can enjoy a cup of min-thea and a good candle the whole-evening. It’s bringing me in the right mood to dive into my favorite book or current book I’m reading or my favorite podcast, or my favorite magazine to get the latest updates about style. So when I think it’s time for myself then I always have a list of things that I need. And on top of that list are a nice candle and some mint-thea. To enjoy my time at home.

Stuff on the table

Things I need to enjoy my time at home.
  1. A good book our Magazine will do the job first.
  2. A good Candle from:WoodWick 
  3. Some fresh bites and green grapes are a good addition.
  4. Some background music ( mostly classic music ).

Reading and relaxing

Have we found our answer?

Now we have discussed this topic, I think we agree how important time for yourself is don’t we? It benefits our state-of-mind. Especially in the challenging times, we are living in right now. But also before the global-pandemic broke out. This world and society we live in can be extremely-hectic, competitive. It’s not always been the most popular topic to talk about. Because often it’s getting associate with mental health problems. But that doesn’t have to be the case. It’s just a positive sign as you work on yourself. Or when you feel like: now have to take care of yourself. Otherwise, I will end up in a meeting with my doctor ( which is not a shame at all ). So with this having said. I hope this brings a whole other perspective and give people that extra push to take time yourself.