How to stay on track during Covid19

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How to stay on track during Covid19

How to stay on track during Covid19? It’s a question I’ve asked myself too these last few weeks. But after a couple of days. I’ve found a certain routine, it’s less hard than I expected. During this Covid19 it’s important to have a positive-mind-set and in today’s post, I show you how to do this.

How to stay focused during Covid19.

We all have to stay at home and staying inside as much as possible. It’s a weird and strange feeling every day. But our own health and the lives of others have always been the first priority. But now we are at home you might get distracted very quickly. Now it’s very important that you create a certain routine for yourself that keeps you focused and on track at the same time. 

Now make sure that you get out of bed in the morning like it’s a normal-work-day for you. Don’t stay in bed and make it a holiday period. Keep writing your goals for the day in the morning and jump out of your bed like it’s a daily-day. Create a space where you can work for 7-8 hours and don’t get distracted quickly, because this can happen easily when you work from home. Try to do a walk for 30 minutes during the day, so you don’t look at your computer screen for 8 hours straight.

Work-out in the morning!

Now you have to work from home, there is also some good thing about it. You can now easily start working out in the morning. Make this a habit and you feel so much better. It’s the best way to start the day and you are more focused and energized during the day. Working from home asked for a certain discipline and we all humans so we are not disciplined 24/7. If you still looking for a work-out routine or other things to stay in shape during Covid19. Here are a few tips:Working-out Apps . 

Dress like you are in the office. 

As you can see from the pictures I try to wear this smart-look when I’m at home. Because I want to keep my life as normal as possible. Furthermore, dressed-up gives a great feeling. This is the only thing we can do during this hard-period. Because when you are feeling good, you can inspire others as well during this hard period. So I’m wearing a white-shirt from:HM_Man in combination with black trousers from the brand:Topman. Furthermore, I’m wearing a nice classic watch from the Amsterdam-based company called:Kane Watches. It makes me feel so much better than staying in my house track-suit.

Hopefully, this Corona-Virus is gone soon, so we can go back to normal and live our lives as we did before this world-crisis.


Photographed by:Koen Stijnen