How to Style a Men’s White Tee

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How to style a men's white tee
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How to Style a Men's White Tee

How to style a Men’s White Tee. Hello Guy’s, how are you? How was your weekend? I’ve spent my weekend pretty well. Exploring a city that I never been to before. You know: Sunday/Funday? Visting a place you have never seen before is something I highly recommend doing. It’s good for your brain, health and it will inspire you at the same time. So I can look back to a great weekend, especially because these are the last summer days. So we have to make the best out of it, don’t you agree?

Have you also seen my lastPost it’s all about the Hyperloop and it’s very interesting to read if you have something with tech? In today’s post it’s all about Menswear, so let’s jump into it

Men’s White Tee.

Some of you probably been already busy cleaning out your summer wardrobe and putting items on sale, like a men’s white t-shirt. You might have worn it a couple of times during this summer. So it’s time for a few new basic tee’s. But as we leave the summer behind us. I was thinking: Why not share how to mix a white men’s t-shirt? I try to show it in the most normal and easiest way possible. Because a white t-shirt is already a basic item in your wardrobe. So you don’t have to make it to hard for yourself. 

I decided to mix it with my denim from:H&M, and use my Red/White sneakers from:Nike  to give this look a sportive touch. It was my goal to let this tee pop-out and pay the most attention to this item. The jeans and sneakers were the best additions possible. Although I also could use some white sneakers.  It’s a basic and casual look. But perfect outfit when you have a day that you don’t want to put too much effort into your outfit. With this look, you can’t go wrong during the Spring/Summer.

Why a Men’s White T-shirt belongs in your wardrobe.

First and foremost. You can never have enough of basic white t-shirts in your wardrobe. You can use them under a white shirt or combined it with a blazer for example. Those are already two reasons why a men’s white t-shirt belongs in your wardrobe. A few of them are already good. But the more you have them in your closet. The better is for the condition of your white t-shirts. Especially when you wear them on a daily basis. Is that’s the case? I advise you to have a staple of quality basic white t-shirts in your closet.

Where to buy?

If you are in search of a few new white tees for the Fall/Winter season. I recommend looking at the ones you already own. From there you can see of these brands re-stock them in their store. So you know it will be a safe purchase. If you curious to experience new brands? I recommend doing your research online and offline and see what kind of brands offers white tee’s that fits you the best. Be smart and try to buy them in 3-package. Because as I mentioned earlier you probably need them on a daily basis under a shirt or hoodie for example.

With these last tips, I step out and wish you a great week, speak to you soon.