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How to Style Summert shirt

Hello Guys, How are you? I’m doing Fine. The summer is coming and I’m super excited about what this summer 2020 is going to bring me. Although it will be a different summer than we had before. Here in Holland, we are getting back to normal life step by step. Personally, I’m still aware of the danger of this corona-virus. I still work-out from home, and writing and doing my social-media from home. I’m not taking the risks that I don’t need to take right now. Furthermore, I finally can finish my driver-license so that gives a lot of energy. If you follow me on Instagram, you can see I work-out a lot and I feeling the benefits of it. So that is a huge step forward for me. I get more motivated, feel more energized, and don’t get that negative spirit around so quickly. 

But enough about me, let’s talk about summer/style! I’m super excited to show you my summer looks. I have a lot of them to show you in the coming weeks. So you get inspired and motivated to dress nicely for long summer/evenings with friends & family. These last few weeks I show you a few A few Spring looks. For example. Now it’s time to change from Spring to the Summer looks. The summer-season has his own beauty and we have these long-days where we can get the most out of each-days. What I noticed is that I’m more productive and more motivated to get things done. But now let’s talk about summer styles are you guys ready?

Summer shirt.

It’s time to leave your long sleeve t-shirts behind you and go for short sleeve shirts. With the summer ahead of us we don’t have to wear too much. But we can still look super fashionable. If I look to my own pictures than I get that summer feeling right away! You to? I styled my summer-clothing-piece from:Club Monaco, it’s a clothing-piece made from cotton and goes perfectly with classic-looks. My beige short is from:HM_Men . To kill the look I used my high-end footwear sneakers from:Christian Louboutin. Summer shirts are very important to have in your closet. Not only because you can mix them with so many other items like trousers, shorts, denim shorts. But if you buy the right ones you can have them for years. More about that later. With summer shirt you always have something in your summer wardrobe that goes with every occasion if you ask me. Events, dinners, lunch, parties, and festivals as well. From the outside, they look very classic but it doesn’t mean you can wear them on a cool festival. Style is personal right?

Where to buy?

You have summer shirts from all range of prizes: from high-end to budget, to even vintage. What I highly recommend is to look at your own budget, preference, style, taste. If I look at my own summer wardrobe I see that I don’t have a lot of summer-clothing-pieces. I never had it, and maybe it will never come. Who knows? But maybe you are a super summer person and you want to dress nicely every day and wearing something else. Then it’s nice to a few summer shirts in your closet, right? Now my favorite online retailers are:Matches Fashion and Mr Porter . I’ve bought my club Monaco shirt at and me super happy with it because it does not only fit my style also my skin gets the shine it deserves. These are online retailers that have high-end fashion brands in their pockets. High-quality is what I recommend when you buy clothes, more about it later. But these are the online retailers I like to buy. They also have sales right-now so you can buy with discount and have a quality summer clothing piece for years at the same time. 

Buy Smart and think long-term.

So you want to buy your first summer shirt? First-off-all you have to think about when are you going to wear it? After that, it’s time to think about your budget. I already recommend a few online retailers so this must solve that issue. Furthermore, it’s important to buy smart and think long-term. I made a mistake to put away a few summer pieces that I now really miss. So I want to recommend to not make the same mistake as I did. Buy smart means for me that you think about summer shirts that are basic and fashionable at the same time. So you can wear them a few summers. This is not only better for yourself but also for your wallet. With buying smart and long-term you really build your own Summer wardrobe without losing your personal style. My summer shirt is a long-term purchase.

It’s all comes down to personal style and preferences. 

If you not an online shopper like I am. You can go to your own shopping addresses and see what they have in their stores. It’s can be a good trip when the sun is out! Something I know from back in the days when I was not an online shopper. But since I discovered online, I can’t imagine a life without buying online and use my knife to cut the boxed that I receive. If you are not into summer shirts, what I can’t imagine but okay. Then I show you some other styles in the coming weeks. These are looks that are more streetwear related which I love to wear as well to switch off from my classic-mood days. Style is such a personal thing that we can’t please everybody with it. But it also depends on your preferences and how comfortable you feel in your own body and your own style. 

The week ahead.

I hope you learned a lot from these tips I give to you in this blog post. This week I keep it quite busy to keep myself on track and motivated. I’m also busy with my Tik-Tok account: iamluc_ to make cool video’s, I dance and do some cool workouts. Wich, I love to do on a daily basis. I also super excited to see my second favorite soccer team Real Madrid. La Liga is returning and it’s always a pleasure to watch. So keep following me on my social media accounts. You can find them on my website. Speak to you next week.

Photography by:Koen Stijnen