How to travel in Style

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Black suitcase
Grey Hoodie
Grey Tracksuit.
Taking the stairs.

How to Travel in Style.


How to Travel in style. More than ever we are able to discover the world. Traveling nowadays is not as expensive as it was 30-years ago. But how can we do this in a stylish way? Today I give you these answers and tell you all about it. Are you ready? let’s go.

Arrive in style.

There are many ways to traveling in style, right? You can choose a comfortable sportive look. Like I do, or you can arrive in a nice suit. Both options are perfect and it’s always good to have two options in your closet to do it in style. I recommend to have both options in your closet, so you can never go wrong. Everything depends on the destination as well. Maybe you have to travel to a business meeting. Then I recommend wearing a suit.

My personal-travel look.

It all depends on how long your flight is, of course, and your personal-preference. But my favorite travel look is a comfortable look. I choose to wear a jogging-outfit which I bought at:Mr Porter . It’s there very own brand: Mr.P you should check it out. I finished the look with my beloved white sneakers from:Jordan.  I’ve also worn a cap from the brand:Dsquared2 and I love to wear it from time to time. This comfortable look is not only fashionable but also very light at the same time. When you in a rush to the airport or the train station, you don’t want to wear heavy clothes. Everything has to go quickly and smoothly at the same time.

Travel essentials.

As you can see in the pictures I don’t take a lot with me during my travels. With a good backpack:Mango and a good suite-case, the one I’m traveling with are from:Samsonite. I recommend spending a little bit more on a good backpack and suitcase. because you are planning to use it for many years and when you traveling you want to be sure that your clothes and other stuff are in good hands. My suitcase is light but at the same time, it can handle a drop or anything else. 

I hope you guys, love these tips and tricks and looking forward to hearing your thoughts about it. Feel free to subscribe to my newsletter. 

Photographed by:Koen Stijnen