Hyperloop Explained, a whole new way of transportation

Hyperloop Explained, A whole new way of transportation

Hyperloop Explained, A Whole new way of Transportation.

Hyperloop Explained. If you are a regular traveler, you probably have been on a train journey that took a lot of your time. You get me right? I have this issue when I’m traveling from the south to the north with the train. I’ve always thought: this train journey could go faster. This is an opinion that a lot of people shared with me. Probably Founder Elon Musk agreed with me, who has created this concept called: Hyperloop. Now If you never heard about it. Today I explained what this future of transportation is. So let’s dive into it!

Hyperloop Station 

Hyperloop Explained.

This form of transportation is number 5th in the history of transportation. Back in 2013 engineer Elon Musk found a solution for this. This form is a high-speed transport system. The use only vacuum-tubes. Because of the low air resistance, this vehicle is able to mark 1.000 Km/H speed. That means you can travel from Amsterdam to Paris in just 30 minutes! Can you believe that? This way of transportation is more efficient, better for the planet, and more convenient than an airplane for example. 

Hyperloop Station

How does the hyperloop works?

This will be the 5th way of transportation, but a way of transportation that has never existed before. It works like this: This form of Transporation is made from: Vacuum Tube. The Vacuum tube pumps removing 99% of the air. Then we have a pod that can be filled with passengers or cargo traveling at 1000 Km/H speed. The propulsion is 100% electric which is better for the planet. Besides that, it’s Eco-Friendly as well.

Daytime interior

Night Interior


As you can see in the pictures everything is digital. The interior is clean and minimal. This gives the interior a fresh and stylish look from inside. It has no windows, so you can’t look outside to see what kind of weather it is. But trough the digital screens they provide you with the latest information about the current journey you are making.

Pr aeroshell

Pr Aeroshell

Do we need the Hyperloop?

It’s a personal question if you ask me? If you are a regular traveler and you travel 3 times a month across Europe. You probably will say: Yes, this would be a great addition to the travel industry. People who want to save time and be on their destination in the fastest way.

For the people who are still not over yet, let me give a try.

I give you a few reasons that might get you over the moon, in this way of transportation. 

Number one: It is faster than an airplane, with a speed that goes over 1000 Km/H ( 620 mph).

Number two: Easy as most high-speed trains. No waiting-line, because every minute a Hyperloop pod Goes to the destination you want to go.

Number Three: Safety and reliability are the core values and have top-priority. 

Number Four: A Sustainable Infrastructure which means pods traveling in an extremely efficient way. The hyperloop gains their power from use sources a sun for example.


It’s connecting Europe in a more efficient way, that has never existed before.


Credit/Image/Video: Delft Hyperloop