iPhone SE 2020 Review

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iPhone SE 2020 Review

iPhone SE 2020 Review. Last month Apple brought out its latest iPhone. It’s their brand new SE Version. It’s been more than four years that Apple brought a SE version on the mobile-phone market. So let’s have a closer look at this brand new mobile-phone. 


The design of Apple’s latest product looks amazing. I’ve been always a fan of the design’s Apple created. But with the exit of Jhony Ive. Apple took a huge risk by letting him go. But I must say that Apple stays close to their identity and you can see that in their latest product. It’s smooth and looks fashionable. With a 4,7 LCD display, you have the same display as in the iPhone 8. Furthermore, this brand new iPhone has 336 PPI which is the same as an iPhone 10XR for example. The display is still very clear and looks amazing if you ask me. This iPhone has a second-generation touch-ID sensor. 


We love to take pictures with our phones and apple knows that very well. The camera of the brand new SE 2020 has 12 mp. With a portrait function and good autofocus, it’s an easy way to take pictures. Also, the camera has image stabilization. So it’s never been so easy with an iPhone to take pictures. This iphone SE 2020 Take’s better pictures than a 10XR for example. The Video mode is comparable with the high-end iPhone 11 pro. How cool is that?

Charging without cables. 

With the previous iPhone SE you needed a cable to charge your iPhone. The latest version has the power to charge without cable. Although this is not included in your package when you order the brand new SE.

The best chip on the market.

Apple had the power to put the best chip into this brand new iPhone. It called the: A13 bionic chip. This chip has been used in the latest iPhone 11. So this could be a key decision in the purchase. Because the chip is very good.


The battery might be the most important thing when it comes to smartphone’s these days. We use our smartphone for the whole day. So a good battery is a must-have when you want to buy a new smartphone. The battery of the iPhone SE 2020 goes longer than the iPhone 8 says Apple. But when you use big apps on this device the battery has less power than other iPhone 10XR for example.


My personal conclusion is that when you have an older iPhone for example: iPhone 4S or iPhone 6. This iPhone is worth your budget. You receive for the prize: power, quality, and fun at the same time. The performance of the SE 2020 is better than expected. I highly recommend this iPhone if you don’t want to spend more than 1000 euro’s on a smart-phone.

Credit image: Bright Apple