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Jordan 23
Jordan 23
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Jordan 23

Jordan 23. We all know where I’m talking about right? It’s one of the most iconic numbers in sports-history. Especially in NBA Basketball. After receiving this Iconic basketball jersey from a family member. I thought: Why not write about it? I just watched Micheal Jordan’s documentary on NetFlix. I’ve been impressed by his story.

Micheal Jordan 23.

Micheal Jordan was so dedicated and focused to win champion chip after champion chip. It’s coming back in every episode of: the last dance, series on Netflix. The way he motivated his team-mates in the dressing-room. The way he played on the court. It’s a fire & desire to really leave a legacy. Something that goes far beyond the court. What I also noticed is that every episode was so exciting that I was curious to the next episode. I don’t always have that when I watching a documentary or series. Do you feel me? The way people talked about his drives impressed me. Also the smile on his face when he talked about the period he dominated every single court. There are not many or maybe no other basketball-player that made this impact on and of the court as Micheal Jordan did during his time at the Chicago Bulls. But his team-mates like: Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman contribute to bringing Micheal Jordan to the highest level he could reach. 

Chicago 23 Jersey.

First of all, I want to make one thing clear: I’m not a Chicago Bulls fan. But I received this basketball jersey from a beloved family member. Furthermore, I’m an NBA Basketball lover so why not share this with the world?

Sports played always a big roll in my life and basketball is the second sport I follow the most when I have the time. Now let’s talk about this outfit. I love to wear red because this color fits me very well. I decided to mix this Chicago 23 jersey with black shorts from:Nike . Which is maybe not really clear to see. That’s why I say it right here. Now the sneakers are Red & white and customized on the Nike website. But they fit perfectly with the Basketball jersey and the shorts. So this is a combination that goes very well. 

I’m curious what you think of this documentary: The last dance about Michael Jordan, and about this outfit I’m wearing.

Let’s have a chat about it on my Facebook Page . See you there.

Photography by:Koen Stijnen