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Light Blue Adidas Tee

Light Blue Adidas Tee. Happy Summer 2020 Guys. Today I want to highlight my beloved Light blue tee from:Adidas Originals. It’s an easy simple tee. But First I would like to know what your summer plans are like? Do you book any trips? Or do you stay in your own country? With COVID-19 it will definitely be a strange summer right? I didn’t book any trips because I’m busy getting my driver-license. Last Friday I finally could drive on the road. Since the corona-virus, I was not able to drive. But here in Holland, we have everything under control and it’s safe to take lessons again. It’s time to finish some unfinished business. 

As you might see in my previous Post . You could see that I’m showing you my summer outfits. Wich, I love to share how you can dress fashionably for the summer. Although you might not have the kind of summer as you used to have. We still have enough activities and occasions where a nice outfit could be an addition to a great summer day. So let’s show you another one.

Light blue Tee.

I’m a person that wants to wear color from time to time, to give my light-skin the best attention they could have. Especially in the summer this light blue tee from Adidas Originals. It is the perfect one for a more streetwear look. It’s an oversized see and goes perfect with my black short from:Marcelo Burlon. The Argentian Designer who stole my heart with his prints and designs right from the moment I saw it. The light blue version I’m wearing is a size Medium and I recommend not to buy a bigger size than you normally wear. Because it’s an oversized version you already know that a bigger size will not fit you at all. That’s just what I experienced. You also can match this light-blue version with a white or black short, depends on your own personal taste. But I recommend matching this with a more sportive short instead of denim short for example.

Streetwear look.

When I saw this tee I knew this could be the start of a clean streetwear look. I was searching for a more oversized tee instead of a tight t-shirt. I love to switch from tight t-shirts to oversized Tee’s from time to time during the summer days. Wearing different looks keeps my mind fresh, my creativity gets the boost. And I’m not getting bored Quik from my summer closet. Because I had this black short already in my closet, it was an easy step to mix my oversized tee with the black short. To make this streetwear look amazing. I used my black/white low-topJordans . To finish this outfit and make it a ready to wear streetwear look. I added more black in this look to stand-out with the light-blue Tee. I think that I completed my mission with that.

Jordan Sneakers.

My Jordan low-top sneakers are by far my favorite pair during the summer. I’ve bought two versions of it. One version in Black/White and the other ones in White. As you can see in my previous blog post. Making an investment in sneakers is one of the best shopping-decisions, in recent years. I always can switch from these two and I keep them in good condition as well. I spoke a lot about it the last couple of weeks here on my blog. But buy-smart and think-long-term is always the best purchase method that you can use. This also means for sneakers. Because you probably going to wear these more than your regular shoes right? Especially during the long summer days.


I want to thank: Koen Stijnen for the great images. Check out his new website.