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Men Blue Shirt

Men’s Blue shirt. Hello Guys, how are you doing? I’m super excited about today’s post. Why? Because I want to discuss the importance of blue garment. It’s one of my favorite colors to wear. But more about that later in this post. First I wanted to give you a little update about my daily life. At the moment I’m super focused on my Newsletter and subscribers. As my e-mail list is growing. I just only want to put more and more effort into it. This support gives me so much joy and pleasure. Because the value of a good group of subscribers on my e-mail list is priceless. Because it’s more valuable than a bunch of ” followers ”. With e-mail subscribers, I own the public and can give them exactly what they need.

Why a shirt like this needs to be in your Wardrobe.

Let’s be honest with each other! You probably had an occasion where a nice blue shirt could be perfect to wear that moment. That is already the first reason why it belongs in your wardrobe. A Blue shirt is a basic item that can be worn for many reasons. In your private-life or during your career. It’s not a coincidence that most high-end fashion brands have it in their collection.  Just check the site of Armani for example. A blue shirt goes almost with every blazer. Let’s dive into that.

A Blue shirt can be worn with many blazers.

If you have a lot of blazers in your wardrobe. And you wear them almost on a daily basis. The light blue shirt is a perfect addition to give your blazer more shine. Whether it’s your black blazer or Grey blazer. Or even your navy-blue blazer.  A blue shirt goes with almost every blazer you have in your wardrobe. So if you have a day when you don’t know what to wear under a blazer. Try a blue shirt. I promise you that you won’t regret it

Men Blue shirt rocks!

How I styled a Blue shirt.

I decided to style this shirt from:Bivolino, with black pants from:Topman and some dressed shoes. The idea is to let the shirt stand out. This was my mission. So I used my black pants and dressed shoes to make it clear for everyone. This shirt is made from strong materials. Which is very important for me. Because I love to wear it from time to time. It gives my skin always a little bit more shine. So I want to make sure it doesn’t wear out that quickly. Furthermore, it’s a shirt that is easy to ironing. Which is important before you leave the house. 

Men’s Blue shirt, where to buy?

If you are on a budget and still want to have a quality shirt in your wardrobe. I would take a look at Belgian Clothing-company: Bivolino who are offering quality shirts with options to personalize it how you want it. How cool is that? Furthermore, the shirts they offering are more affordable but still of good quality I must say. So if you are searching for a new one or just started to collect shirts for everyday wear. I would definitely check out their webshop.


Photographed by:Koen Stijnen