Spring is Around the Corner | I’m ready for it and you?

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Spring is around the Corner. I'm ready for it and you?

Spring is around the Corner. I’m ready for it and you as well? Today is all about a season that we admire a lot. Not only because we leave these colder days behind us. We as human beings want to go outside and explore and love to go to Parcs, Terraces, and even go to the beach on a Sunny-Spring day. So at the end of these winter-times, we only wish to bring Spring Sunny days as fast as possible. In my previous Post I’ve was already preparing myself for the warmer days. As I’m not really a winter-season-fan at all. I’m always looking forward to warmer sunny days. Where I can enjoy the backyard with a nice book or aMr Porter magazine where I can find the latest inspiration to live my life in style. Do you feel me? Now let’s talk about Spring-Fashion as. Because that is why you are here in the first place right?


Is it not true that on the first of days of a new year. We already think about the Spring/Summer Season? Just because it’s ahead of us.  We only can embrace this season with its own beauty. But the Spring seasons are not what we used to have two years ago, unfortunately. The global pandemic is still impacting our lives on a daily basis. This means the Spring-Season might be similar to the one we had last year. 

Although there are coming fewer restrictions in many country’s for example U.K and The Netherlands as well. I don’t about your country? Let me know. But let’s keep it positive as the temperatures are rising-up it means we still have more freedom to do activities outside. So let the Spring Begin!

Let the Spring Begin!

Double Denim look

This season asked for different kinds of clothes. Lighter materials, lighter colors, other types of shoes. You name it. Denim is one of those materials that we use as Spring-Material that fits perfectly with this time of the year. We finally can wear something lighter and we want to feel more comfortable again. No longer we have those tight jackets, beanies, or scarves to tackle the cold. So we change our wardrobe from Winter to Spring. What important is as we look at our wardrobe. What can we wear again? What is absolutely not fashionable anymore? For example, I’m wearing this light denim jacket from:Replay i have it for years now, and I probably will never do it away. Only for the fact that is the timeless jacket for every spring/summer season that I face.

Time for light denim.

Denim wear

First of all, I want to make clear that Light-denim is not only for Spring/Summer Season. Because sunny winter days can go perfectly with some light-denim jacket or jeans for example. But as the Sun is boss during the Spring we often have the desire to wear light jeans or a denim jacket during this time of the year. But as we sick and tired of wearing black, grey and other dark colors. We finally can match or light colors together. Light-blue goes perfectly with some white denim jeans as you can see in the images. During this season you can play with all different kinds of light colors. Fashion is fun and you need to enjoy it too. So try it out and you will see how many options you have during the spring-season. Because Spring is around the corner.

Denim jacket

Leather Jacket outfit

Other jackets are allowed as well.

As I mentioned in my previous blogpost and earlier in this post. There are several jackets that you can wear during the Spring season. It’s so cool that this time of the year, allowed us to explore and try different types of styles. One of these jackets is a leather jacket. But not the heavy ones we wear during the Winter-times. Just a light leather jacket that matches your favorite long sleeve tee for example. This is how I did it as you can see on the image. This leather jacket is the perfect addition to my spring-wardrobe as it gives my wardrobe and style a boost and more options to switch from a denim jacket to a leather jacket. Whenever I want to. Because you don’t want to make your own style bored. So why not switch from jacket from time to time? Some activities asked for other outfits. So for every occasion, we have during the Spring-Season we always need to have one jacket for it. 

White Denim

White Denim. 

Now as we often like to wear light-blue-denim jeans. I love to have white denim in my closet as well. The one I’m wearing in the picture is from:Diesel Black Gold and it’s their high-end line. This is denim that is extra-long but you can pull-up so it doesn’t look like it’s very long denim that goes further than your foot! I’ve always wanted to invest in a white-denim as I see it as a good investment in my Spring/Summer wardrobe. Diesel stands for high-quality denim and the black-gold line is the high-quality denim that I was looking for. Denim that I can wear every Spring-Season again. So it’s a great investment don’t you think?

American Flag

Red stripes and Denim

Red Stripes and Denim.

In order to create a more casual-spring-look. I decided to add some long sleeve stripes tees to my spring wardrobe from:Mango. Got two pair of them. One in Red and another one in Navy-Blue. Both tees are timeless investments that I can wear every Spring season again. They go perfect under a leather jacket or denim jacket as you can see in the pictures. So I highly recommend having long sleeve tee’s in your wardrobe. As a perfect addition to it. They are the perfect essentials for the Spring season. And you can wear them even at home, or when you have a day at the park. Casual looks are amazing to wear, even during the Spring. It just depends on how you style it.


Photographed by:Koen Stijnen