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Hello Guys, Last Summer 2019, I decided to work on my mental health and physical health as well. I remember that it was on a sunny-Tuesday-evening and I was behind my laptop. My desire to become a better version of myself started that Tuesday-Evening. It was almost two years ago since my last sport-activity. In the meantime, I was still paying attention to my food-behavior. Don’t get me wrong. But I was not doing any sports at all. This has to change is what I told myself. So I started to download The Nike Training apps. Which was mind-blowing for me.

The Nike Training Apps.

So here we are, I decided to change my lifestyle not only on the nutrition side. But also on the sports side. I downloaded these apps in the App store and I was checking:Nike. To see what’s Nike has to offer for a sports-lover as Me. Sports has always played a key role in my life. So I can’t imagine that I don’t love it anymore for the rest of my life. Let’s back to these apps. I started with the Nike Running App, because it was still summer and what’s a better start for your new lifestyle than Running outside? 

It’s a lifestyle.

A couple of months from August to October. I was running on consistent-basis. Three  3 days in a week, I was putting my Running Shoes.

But you know, It was challenging in the beginning, and it’s still is. Don’t get me wrong about that. But it was also very inspiring. So I downloaded the Nike Traning club. Which was a new world of me? It was a start to bring my new lifestyle to the next level. So I started to use the Nike Training club in the Gym. I was surprised by the endless workouts schedules and information about this big community of people that using the NTC-App on there mobile-device. I really feel that I’m part of a community. You can add friends on both apps and start conversations. 

Running Club App.

Nike offers two apps. Number one: Nike Run Club and the other one is: Nike Training Club. Both apps are free to download in your app store. Let’start with the first one: Nike Run Club. You can choose your own schedule and Decided on which phase you are psychical. Also, you can make a profile and share more of yourself and what kind of running shoes you are using. After every running session, you can check your data and see your progress, sounds cool right? You also can share it on your social media accounts and motivate other people in the community. Is that not awesome?

NTC App.

The NTC app which is the other app, This app is almost similar to the Nike Running Club. You can make your own work-out schedule. Or use work-outs that are created by Nike professional trainers. Furthermore, after a work-out, you can share it in the community and on your social media profile. You also have the possibility to tell everyone where you did your work-out for example: outside or in the gym. What I like about these apps is that you can mix your schedule’s and in some-way it keeps me inspired and motivated at the same time. It’s digital-personal-trainer. You can set goals and because you set a goal for yourself. You have the right motivation and desire to achieve that. There is so much more in these apps, so check that out. 


Because I started this new lifestyle, I was also curious about work-outs, trainers, nutrition. Trained is the podcast represented by Nike. That helps me with that. I’ve listened to this podcast since I started this new lifestyle and it’s very educational. In this podcast, you can listen to stories about personal-trainers, about nutrition, recovery, mindset and all other things that help’ you to become a better version of yourself. You can find the podcast in your podcast app. 

After four months, I already feel the benefits of my new lifestyle, And I’m very happy at the moment.