The Value of a White Sneaker

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The Value of White Sneaker.

The Value of a white sneaker. Today I want to highlight the importance of a white sneaker. Because it’s such a essential in our wardrobe. A few years ago I’ve noticed myself when I face my wardrobe. I had the desire to invest in a good pair white sneakers that could last forever. So That is what I did a few years a go, when I saw these white sneakers from the French designer:Christian Louboutin  I easily can match them under a light-jeans or with a trouser. Because I love to wear sneakers from time to time. I  take good care of these luxury-white sneaker. I want to wear them for years. Treat them like these are my little baby’s you know? I’ve don’t wear them that much. But they are perfect when I’m attending events, or having dinner with friends. Or just go out into the city for a drink. 

Let’s dive deeper into this topic.

The importance of a white sneaker.

Christian louboutin sneaker

In every men’s or woman wardrobe you probably will see a pair of white sneaker. Especially by all he fashionista’s around the world. They know the value and importance of having a good pair of white sneakers. They know that in every situation and most dress-code’s the white sneakers can be that finishing touch. But So do I, especially the last few days I’m wearing  sneakers  under a trouser or jeans. When you know you have to walk trough the day. More about that later in this blogpost. It’s important to have at least one pair of them. Because there are always situations or looks that fit good with some white sneakers. Especially when you go for a more comfort look.

White sneaker

How to buy?

Now we know the value and importance of a good pair of white sneakers. It’s time to add them to your wardrobe if you haven’t done yet. White sneakers are available everywhere and anywhere. It’s has his own segment and from low to high prizes. You might recognize the red bottoms? A few years a go I invested in a pair of white sneakers from:Christian Louboutin the French footwear designer who makes the red-bottom as his own signature. And is known worldwide for the high-quality shoes he create. I’ve still have them in my wardrobe and highly recommend to invest in a good pair of white sneakers. Because they last forever and you can wear them year in year out as long as you keep them in good condition.

Red Bottoms

How to style my white sneaker?

As I mentioned the value and importance of a good pair white sneakers. I have a purpose with it. It’s give your outfits more options, or can be that last finishing touch you are searching for. Or just give you that comfortable feeling that you are looking for in a outfit. Think about a navy-blue suit and a good pair of white sneakers. How sounds that? Or white a pink-suit during Spring/summer? What about a grey-suit and finish it with some white sneakers? Maybe you just want to wear it with a good pair of jeans. There are several options to finish your look with some white sneakers. Here are just a few options that I want to mentioned according to question: How to style my white sneaker?

Photography by:Koen Stijnen

White Sneaker: Christian Louboutin