Video-Calls gets us closer to each other

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Video-Calls get's us closer

Video-Calls gets us closer to each other

Video-Calls Gets us closer to each other.

Do you remember the time when you had a smartphone and you couldn’t see each other? Now that time is far-away behind us. Thankgod we are now able to see each other even when we miles away from each other. This is one of the positive things about tech and how we now do it every day since corona-virus. We are not able to have psychical contact, but we still can use skype and facetime and hangouts and that kind of stuff. So let’s have a chat about it.


The webcam’s where the first products that you could plug into your laptop and exactly see each other while you are not having physical contact. I remember that when I had a webcam I finally could speak to friends or family that doesn’t live around the corner of me. I was very happy at that moment. After that, the webcam-market exploded because everyone had them plug in their computer. When the laptop-market was in a roller-coaster. Most laptops started to have their own webcam build on their laptop. 


After the webcams, there was Microsoft MSN and this chat-programma had a webcam feature. While you had your conversation you finally could see each other as well. Microsoft MSN was huge and the webcam feature made it even more attractive to sign up for your own account. 


After Msn was out of office, because of the rise from social media channels as: Hyves, Facebook, etc. Skype was coming-up and this was a better version of MSN and pretty good for video-call-conversations. It was a huge success and you could have good quality video-calls with everyone around the globe. As long as you had an account and the other one added you on their list.


When the first iPhone came out in 2007, it was not only a revolution in the landscape of smartphones. But also in video-calling. This was one of the first mobile-phones where you could see each other while you having a phone-call. This was only possible between two-iPhones. Steve Jobs called this: Facetime. Facetime made a huge impact and nowadays you can even have fourth facetime conversations at the same time. 

From webcam to really-high-quality video-calls.

It’s amazing to see how Video-calls have been improved a decade from the end of 2000 to the beginning of this new decade. This type of tech has been rapidly changed and make our lives a little bit better, especially these times where everybody has to stay at home as much as possible. Thank god Tech let us able to see our loved ones. 


Image source: The Next Web