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Montjuic Barcelona
Passeig de Garcia
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Visit Barcelona.
Building at the Rambla
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Visit Spain, visit Barcelona. 

It’s one of the most visited places in Europe. Barcelona, Spain. I’ve been here a couple of times, so I know exactly what this city has to offer. The weather conditions are perfect. Most time of the year. From musea’s to shopping districts to food-cultures. To funny activities. It can never be a bad trip. Barcelona has it all. I decided to do a city-guide about Barcelona. I hope to inspire you to visit Barcelona.

Where to shop?

Barcelona as a lot of shopping opportunities, but Passeig Garcia is the best shopping spot in Barcelona. This large street in the center of Barcelona has everything for a shopaholic. From top designers as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, to H&M, Zara. In Barcelona there is not better shopping area than Passeig De Garcia, It’s in the center of Barcelona and a large street that inspires you to walk for hours and let your wallet go all the way.

I’m hungry let’s go for dinner.

Yes, I hear that when you have a long day of walking and exploring the city. Now if you want to escape the busy Barcelona center. I understand if you spend your whole day there. It’s time to grab some dinner at Barceloneta. Which is located at the Beach of Barcelona. Over there it’s the perfect place to escape the busy center and have a great dinner with a view over the sea and beach. With a lot of restaurants located at Barceloneta, you will find your meal over there.

Where to find the best view of the city?

When you visit a certain place, you always want to see a view over the city right? That’s why I shared some views over the city’s that you see in the gallery. The most visited place to get the best view of Barcelona. Is El Carmel Bunkers. With metro line 4, stop Guinardo. You are in the Hills of Barcelona where you get the best view of the city. You only have to follow the other tourist that are going there.

Do you need more information about Barcelona?

If you need more information about Barcelona or activities. I recommend visiting:BarcelonaTurisme. Make sure you have a plan before you book a trip. Because this city has so much to offer.