What to expect from tech in 2021

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What to Expect from Tech in 2021

What to expect from tech in 2021. It’s been a while since I wrote a decent techblogpost . It wasn’t my intention to leave this part of me. Because I’ve always been interested in technology, whether it’s a new tv-screen, a new mobile music player( which I still use ). Or the latest electric car that is full of innovations that a customer loves to use while he’s driving.

The tech-industry always moved forward, no matter how the world looks like. Also in 2020 tech company’s like, Tesla, Apple, Samsung revealed new products. While the presentations were virtual and not psychical. You could see how tech-innovations have brought us closer to 2020 while we in lockdown. We used video-calls to catch up with friends. We use Tech -innovations to set up a meeting. Because we had business to discuss.

So with this having said. You noticed that Tech always moves forward and never stop. The real world-class Tech hustlers don’t quite with creating technology that improves our daily lives. But in today’s post I want to highlight the things we can look forward to in this new year 2021. Are you ready?

Tesla brought out a new model-S.

Tesla model S

Tesla Model S 2021

Can you imagine that it’s been eight years ago that Tesla brought out their first model S? now this week Elon-musk and his team came with an update.  The latest Tesla-Model S, has 1100 horse-power under its belt. A driver reach that goes over 800. ( 840 ) to be precise. The steering wheel had made a huge update. It’s now a steering wheel that has been cut off half-way. As you can see in the picture down below. In 2,1 seconds this car reaches 100 per hour. With a top speed of 320, Km/U. You can order the car already and will be delivered after the summer of 2021. I’m excited to hear the reviews of this car. If you want to have more information about his car. Go to the Tesla website.

Apple doesn’t stop.


2020 has been the year that Apple released a lot of products, maybe more than the regular apple-customer expected. As an Apple fan for years. Simplicity and not too many products. Where always the case. But over the years Apple brought additions to their product line. From high-end Airpods to stream-services. Now, what can we expect from Apple this year 2021? The M1-chip will be in new MacBooks, iMacs, and other devices. A lot of people were super happy that Apple now has their own chip instead of an Intel chip. ( although this intel chip was a high-performer).

Insiders expecting new Imacs with bigger screens that varies from 24inch to 32 inches. So probably the 21-display will disappear from their line. Also, the new iMacs will be available with this new M1-Chip. They also expect to see an update on the iPad Pro. With new led screens that will show you a better color of black for instance. These new iPads will probably support your 5G network. ( great news for people who use them in the park during the Spring/Summer ).

There is also some exciting news about the Airpods, which has been a huge success for Apple since their release. Probably Apple will present a new one’s called: Airpods 3. The new Airpods are getting a design that almost looks similar to the Pro-version. So in terms of Apple products, there an exciting things to look forward to.

Samsung is ready to battle again.


The Korean tech-electric company is ready to give other tech company’s the competition they needed. Samsung is still one of the leading company’s when it comes to smartphone users. Most people on the globe using a Samsung-smartphone or an apple. And some people even both. ( don’t know why exactly? ). But now is the question? What is Samsung brings to the table in 2021? Now, what about the new Galaxy buds-pro that will give competition to the AirPods-pro from Apple? Galaxy Smart-tags is great that can be added to your keys and is for everyday use. The prize will be around 15,00 dollars. This Samsung galaxy-smart tag gives you the opportunity to find your smartphone back. ( you wish to use it never ever, but okay ). Samsung-lovers also expect a Samsung 21 S with 5g support. The camera results look promising from what I’ve read. With this having said. The Korean tech giant keeps growing and be a good competitor for other tech businesses. 

Tv Screens keep being thinner?


As a huge-tv lover, I’m always excited about how tv screens have been developed over the years. But also the way we look at content on our screens. The innovation from inside and outside. I remember that we only had a few channels to watch. Nowadays you don’t even have to be right on time. You can look on-demand where and when you want. The screens have been developed from PDV-TV to HD, To LED-TV, And now Oled tv screens that have 8K resolutions. 

Now for the regular customer, an 8K tv-screen is still far away. Although you have people who spend everything on one single screen. But for the regular-family, a 4K tv-screen does the work and fulfills the expectations. Now in 2021, we can expect that 4K tv’s will be more affordable. This is very good news for people who are sick and tired of their HD-Screens. Bigger and Thinner Tv screens at home are what customers need at home. Especially nowadays. TV Screens are set-up against the wall. And looks like an iconic eye-catcher in the living room.

If you wanted to have an OLED TV-Screen, you could only choose from two companies: Sony or LG. Now in 2021  more company’s will bring OLED-TV Screens in their line. To bring more competition and more options for customers who want to stick with one particular tv-brand. ( for example Samsung ). As Tv screens getting updates more and more. The speed of innovation is maybe at its peak? I’m very curious to see the latest innovation. Because of the way we look at tv-screens and how we use them. Has changed a lot over the past few years. As customers, we want to have the best tv-experience possible.