Working from Home is The New Standard

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Working From Home is The New Standard

Working from Home is the new standard. The way we working has changed since COVID-19 made its entrance on the globe. Working from home was already required, but what I want to make clear today is. During this global pandemic, we could ask ourselves the following questions?

  1. Do we want to be at the office five days a week?
  2. Does a meeting always need to be psychical?
  3. Is that office space always required to be productive?
  4. Is a balance between working from home and at the office the right one?
  5. Is working home good everyone?

These are just a few questions that I want to highlight in today’s post. Because I truly believe that COVID-19 has made the last push. On how we way working before the pandemic? And after this global-pandemic.

So let’s dive deep into this subject. That has been more and more a coffee-corner -linkedin discussion subject during this global-pandemic.

Do we want to be at the office five days a week?

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If I should speak for myself, I won’t see myself five days a week. In the same office with the same view, and same colleague. You have people that don’t mind working that way. But from what I’ve read in newspapers, tv programs, and on the internet. This is no longer healthy, The younger generation ( Millenials ) have the preference to work at least one day at home ( or two ). Parents already want this so, they can look out for their kids, or pick up kids from school. Especially nowadays where the families have a schedule that looks similar to an athlete. ( always busy to keep the family moving forward ) But at the same time, this counts for high-performers who have a really serious job and still have a very big private-social-life. And want to make a huge-carreer.

So from my point of view, most people don’t want to be five days at the office. 365 days a year. They want a good balance between working from home and going to the office with fresh energy and a clear mind that benefits their productivity.

Does a meeting always need to be psychical?

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It’s a question that maybe has never been discussed as COVID-19 wouldn’t break out. Although there were video-calls before this global-pandemic was changing our daily lives. We always needed to meet psychical because we are human beings and we want to see each other all-the-time ( social animals ). But meetings and business deals don’t always have to be psychical right? Less flights would be better for the world. And we have to take good care of the planet. Because this planet gives us so much every day. ( beautiful nature for example). While I’m writing this it rains a lot. And I don’t even have the desire to pick up my briefcase and have a meeting outside. I prefer to do it from home. With zoom, skype, and Facetime we have opportunities to create a good balance in how we set-up meetings. Because we need to make a change for ourselves and the planet. It’s no longer good for our planet to take a plane or train, car, for every meeting that we have.

Is that Office-space always required to be productive?


Another question I would like to tackle is that office-space always required to be productive? I truly believe that space improves our productivity. Especially if you want to work from home two days a week. Office- Space has to be a place where people get the best out of themselves and needs to be inspiring. So why it always needs to be the same place and same space? But this can be so personal. Some people are not getting distracted too quickly. Other people need to have a place full of silence. They even work with classical music, as background. ( I do sometimes ). For other people, it must be just a simple desk and a good wifi connection. I highly recommend creating an office space that works for you. Where you get focused and get the best out of yourself. This is what I experienced.

Is a balance between working from home and working outside a good one?

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If you ask me: yes I believe in this. Other people would probably disagree. Although does people will love to work a day at home from time to time ( they can’t deny that ). The society and world have already changed even before the coronavirus has taken over our lives. I spoke and listened to entrepreneurs who let their employees at home for at least one day during the week. A good balance is required to keep our employees in the right mind-set. Was the first-reason they told me? Five days in the office from 9-5 is out-dated and has to be tackled. Less traffic on the road, fewer people on the train or metro. It’s just good everyone, right? This dynamic and fast society has the desire to have more variety. Especially the millennial generation doesn’t want to be stuck at an office five days a week.

Is working from home good anyways?

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I know that for a lot of parents around the globe. Working from home is not always a good option. Especially when the kids are celebrating their vacation. Beside’s that you have people who are getting distracted very quickly so for them working from home is a huge challenge. I understand it. Because TV-Screens, Phone screens, your post-officer on the door knocks. At home, there are a lot of distractions that make it harder to work from home. For parents who have children, it’s not a good option. But I truly believe that there is always a solution for every home. There is always a place in your home, where people can lock themselves up. And get stuff done. I believe that mindset can play a key role. Being creative with how you set up your living room is also a key role. If you just put your phone away and save a couple of hours in a day for your job. Take the place where you can be good at your job and own it!  You can be more productive than 8 hours behind your laptop while you in the living-room.

I hope we can make a good balance between working from home and working in an office space in the future. Nowadays with the global-pandemic, we need to be more home than we wish. But I hope the way we work will make progress and succeed after this pandemic is over. Because Working from home will be a new standard.

I believe in this.


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Photographed by: Ernst de Vogel