WWDC 2020 Recap

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iOS 14

WWDC 2020

WWDC 2020 Recap. Yesterday Apple was holding his new developer conference online and only digital. No reporters or developers were attending the Steve Jobs Theatre. The first time ever that everything was streamed online. Developers, reporters, and loyal customers could watch it through a live-stream. Which was a weird feeling? You really missed the atmosphere and excitement. But as I followed Apple from the beginning and an Apple-customer as well. I was curious about what they could bring to the table as well. In times that also COVID19 hits Apple. So let’s dive right into there exciting news. 


Of course, we start with Apple’s most famous operation system and that is iOS14. As an iPhone lover, I was excited about what this news operation system would bring for me as a customer.

1. Their home scream is getting widgets with an automatic categorized app library.

2. Thanks to the picture in the picture, you are now able to use your iPhone while you are watching a video or when you have a Facetime-Call.

3. Siri is getting smarter and get’s a new interface.

4. The Message apps get an update as well. With a lot of new options for group-conversations and memoij options and pinned options.

5. Maps are getting the Bike option so you are now able to use Apple Maps while you cycling.

6. Apps-Clips makes it possible to use a specific app without exactly downloading the app on your iPhone.

There is also a range of new privacy-options that makes you able to track more of your data and mobile-phone behavior.

ipadOS 14.

Now it’s time to see what’s will be the new additions to the iPad. Which is still getting more a device that we use for e-mails and watching tv shows for example. Let’s highlight the most important new features.

1. The new options for iOS are also coming into your iPad. 

2. Most of the standard apps on your iPad are getting a sidebar, photos, notes, files, and music.

3. The search-option has been redesigned and looks similar to the search bar on your MacBook or iMac.

4. The possibilities for the Apple-Pencil getting expanded with a scribble option so you are able to write instead of typing.



The Airpods are a huge success for Apple. Since the launch of the Airpods in 2016. Apple already sold over 35 million Airpods. I’ve been using the Airpods most of the time while I’m working out and they are a great contribution to my workout. They are definitely worth the price. Now let’s dive into there new features. 

1. Changing from AirPods between devices will be frictionless.

2. Airpods Pro will be supported by Spatial Audio.


Here are the most important announcements Apple made about the Apple Watch

  1. One app at the time could have more complications.
  2. Renewals for watch displays, an overview of dials on your watch, that you can share with others.
  3. Different apps are expanded like: Fitness, Appls maps for example.
  4. A new function on the Sleep-App that will benefit your sleep habits. 
  5. Also tracks the Apple watch for how long you wash your hands.                                                                              ( Typical Corona thing ).

There is also an update for the Apple-Tv. Here are the following updates.

  1. In The future, you are able to shut down your game and go further at the point where you are.
  2. Picture in Picture is coming to your Apple-Tv. This means you can watch your favorite tv shows, While you still can see other things for example the home screen.
  3. Airplay supports 4K.


Mac OS Big Sur.

The operation system I’m excited about because I’ve been a MacBook user since 2009. Here are the most important things I would like to share with you.

  1. A whole new design for the mac os x and Apple’s own apps. Wich brings max os x and iPad closer together.
  2. The message-center will be improved and the control panel is coming to your mac.
  3. Big changes for safari, message app, and Apple Maps as well.
  4. Support for Apple’s own chips which will be used in the near future.


This was my WWDC 2020 Recap. I’m curious about what your favorite Announcements are? WWDC is always about the new software Apple’s bring to your iPhone,iPad or MacBook. But now with COVID19 Apple will hold short sessions with developers and app developers to keep a good relationship with her community.

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